Program Sponsored by: Ecohealth Alliance

Scientific Advisory Board

WAB-Net is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) comprised of global experts with backgrounds in bat ecology and conservation, virology and laboratory diagnostics, and wildlife disease ecology. The SAB reviews proposed research activities, provides expertise during annual data sharing and capacity building workshops, monitors the network’s growth and communication, and liaises with regional and global stakeholders to promote the mission of WAB-Net.

Scroll down to see the current members of the WAB-Net SAB:

Dr. Tigga Kingston

Texas Tech University

Expertise: Bat ecology & conservation

Dr. Paul Bates

Harrison Institute

Expertise: Bat taxonomy

Dr. Paul Racey

University of Exeter

Expertise: Bat ecology & conservation

Dr. Jonathan Epstein

EcoHealth Alliance

Expertise: Bat disease ecology

Dr. Vincent Munster

NIH – Rocky Mountain Lab

Expertise: Viral ecology & lab diagnostics