Program Sponsored by: Ecohealth Alliance


Mission Statement

The Western Asia Bat Research Network (WAB-Net, pronounced ‘wah-bee-net‘) advocates a ‘bats for peace’ mission that facilitates scientific collaboration among diverse experts in Western Asia to develop a bat research network that simultaneously enhances bat conservation and early detection of zoonotic diseases in this politically volatile region.

Our Network

WAB-Net is a multinational network of experts specializing in bat- and/or virus-focused research. Our network takes a One Health approach that integrates bat conservation with disease surveillance by conducting on-the-ground, hypothesis-driven research. Based on the adage that “local problems require local solutions”, network members collaborate to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences to identify critical gaps in research on host-virus dynamics, ultimately shaping the overall direction of research based on locally identified priorities. In addition, the storage, screening, and characterization of diagnostic samples (collected from bats following standardized non-lethal protocols) is carried out in regional laboratories with the goal of enhancing biosurveillance capabilities in Western Asia.

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